The Nordkinn Peninsula

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Nordkinn (or Nordkyn) is mainland Europe's northernmost region, and is known for its stark and beautiful landscape - "Where Nature Rules". Conditions are excellent for sea and freshwater fishing, snowmobiling, boating and trekking.

Situated to the far north of the Arctic Circle, Nordkinn is home to some of the most spectacular natural light in the world. In the summer, the Midnight Sun provides daylight around the clock. In the winter, the magical Northern Lights dance across the sky, and the crisp air and snow amplify both moonlight and starlight. The midday light ("the blue hours") of the Polar Night is unique, providing clear visibility with a surreal tint.

Read more about Nordkinn's exciting history in The Story of Nordkinn.

Kjøllefjord and Mehamn

These fishing villages are the two main settlements on the Nordkinn peninsula, each with a population of about a thousand souls. Despite the remoteness and sparse population of the region, there is a remarkable number of available shops and services. For more information about the settlements in the region, see the Visit Nordkyn website.

Accommodation and Tourism

There are several restaurants, hotels and cottage rentals in the region, and a large number of tour operators providing everything from King Crab safaris to snow kiting.

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