Arctic Tours

Arctic Coast AS delivers fantastic arctic experiences in combination with Hurtigruten cruises along the Norwegian coast.

Travel through nature in its pure and rugged beauty on a roaring snowmobile, or sample traditional natural foods and herbs and learn about Sámi reindeer herding, herbalism and shamanism.

Whether you choose snowmobile action, reindeer lassoing or a traditional Sámi supper, we guarantee a unique experience and natural beauty like no other place on Earth!

Magic Country

The Nordkinn Peninsula is mainland Europe's northernmost region. It has a pristine but harsh natural landscape, and the cleanest air imaginable. The ocean is teeming with fish.

In summer, the Midnight Sun bathes the stark landscape in constant daylight. In winter, the Polar Night is illuminated by starlight and the enchanting Northern Lights.

The Nordkinn region has a rich and spiritual history. Learn more about Nordkinn here or read the illustrated presentation of its history in The Story of Nordkinn.

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