Booking online

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Arctic Coast tours are booked online at the same time as you book Hurtigruten tickets.

To book one of our tours, you must first find and book a journey on Hurtigruten's website. The trip must include the ports of Kjøllefjord and Mehamn (see the sailing plan). Different excursions are offered based on direction (northbound / southbound) and the time of year, as below:

Once you have decided on your journey, you can select an excursion in step 2 of the booking process: "Customize your journey" (see the image on this page). Select "see excursions" and search/browse for one of our tours.

Booking aboard Hurtigruten

If you are already on a Hurtigruten voyage that includes the ports of Kjøllefjord and Mehamn, you can also book our tours through the ship's reception. Use the print catalogue codes in the tour list above to confirm your selected tour.

Direct booking

In some cases it may be possible to book a tour directly with Arctic Coast. Please contact us by e-mail or telephone (contact details are found at the bottom of this page) to inquire about availability.

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