Sámi Culture and Cuisine

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Listen to the mystic Sámi joik (chant) and try to lasso a reindeer! Or explore the natural "pantry and pharmacy" of the Arctic region and sample its delicacies while learning about the noaidi - the wise Sámi shamans.

Modern Sámi life is quite similar to that of Norwegians in general, but many of the old crafts of herbalism, healing and reindeer herding remain. Arctic Coast's Sámi tours provide a fascinating insight into how the ancient traditions are used in contemporary Sámi life.

From May to September, our Sámi Culture tour lets you experience the Sámi way of life as you travel overland between the Hurtigruten ports of Kjøllefjord and Mehamn. You'll visit a Sámi reindeer herding family, sample reindeer broth, learn about modern Sámi culture and try your hand at reindeer lassoing.

From September to November, our Sámi Autumn tour gives you a taste of local specialties and the history of the Sámi. Enjoy reindeer meat, fish and cloudberries while listening to joiks, hearing tales of the noaidi and sampling genuine Sámi handicraft.


Sámi tours are booked in combination with Hurtigruten tickets, or on board the ship during the voyage. The excursions are available in the northbound direction on trips that include the ports Kjøllefjord and Mehamn.

You can find more information about the excursions in Hurtigruten's online catalogue below:

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